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Why epispot?

Epispot allows for increased flexibiltiy & speed so you can create more accurate models and deploy them anywhere. Epispot is intuitive and comes with regularly-updated documentation and pre-installed tutorial guides. Create compartmental models like the base SIR model and work your way up to complex custom models of specific places. Epispot also allows you to graph amazing visualizations, compare trends and fit models instantly. New feature-packed releases are shipped monthly.

Epispot supports the following compartments:


The official repository deticated to using epispot to fight COVID-19. Pre-compiled models for studying the growth and spread of COVID-19 in San Francisco, Tokyo, London, and New York. Read about it here. Get the code here.


A Discord bot created to track the COVID-19 outbreak featuring predictive analysis based on epispot. 24/7 deployment on Heroku allows live data analysis & predictions within seconds of a request for any country. Try it on Discord here. Get the code here.

Compile your model.

Epispot gives you the tools needed to compile your model faster than ever with the flexibility you need to model real-world interactions. Getting started is easy: install with $ pip install epispot.

  • Compile models fast
  • Get results quickly
  • Make changes easily
  • Readable code that works
  • Get your app up and running

Get epispot now.

Install via $ pip install epispot
or via conda: $ conda install epispot
Or download the code straight from the source repo.